Wondering whether we are up for the task? Take a look at our credentials, certifications, and client feedback.

The great thing about the online work environment we have today is that professionals must no longer wait for employers to bring them together.

Amazing teams are formed around projects and members choose to continue working together due to good communication and a mutual appreciation of each other’s skills. This is the story of our team, a group of people that makes every project feel like anything but work.

Year – 2015

UpWork Top Rated Agency

This means that the clients we worked with on the freelancing platform have given us great reviews, our projects were done on time, and with great client satisfaction. Once an agency passes this threshold, projects become more complex, they require even more dedication and better time management, and the challenge is to maintain this acknowledgment by keeping performance up. Which we did for the duration of our activity on the platform.

Year – 2016

Scrum certified agency

This is a very coveted certification that comes with global acknowledgment of skills in scrum management practices. Getting this certification is not a formality nor an easy step as there are exams to pass. Such a certification implies that knowledge meets experience to get the best management solution for the development of a digital program. The scrum master certification was obtained in 2016 and it has helped us consolidate our team while improving our relationship with clients. It is a business changing approach designed to increase success rates on a variety of projects as well as deliver results that are closer to an initial vision, rather than specific fixed targets that may or may not be relevant by the end of the project.

Year – 2017

Digital Marketing Google Partner

When a company starts an ad campaign, it wants to make sure it gets the best use of every dollar invested. This is where the experience of a Google Partner agency comes in. As a Digital Marketing Google Partner, we have passed certification exams and we are compelled to keep an eye on the market and any minor change, thus becoming fully aware of everything it takes to get your products moving off the shelves and into people’s shopping carts. As a Google Partner our agency is equipped to come up with the most effective paid ad campaign getting our clients great ROI rates.

Year – 2017

The Awwwards.com nomination for mobile excellence

It has brought great joy and we felt honored. The international competition is very tight, and the agency’s best practices and elegant mobile solutions are thoroughly scrutinized by a panel of mobile experts. The fact that we managed to catch their eye was an amazing experience and one we wish to repeat in the future with some compelling mobile projects.

Year – 2020

CSS Design Awards: Best UI, Best UX, Special Design Kudos

Founded in 2009 and launched in 2010, CSSDA is an international web design and development award platform that honors and showcases freelance designers, studios and agencies for work that pushes the boundaries of UI, UX and innovative development. Backed by an international panel of expert judges, winners are rewarded with official certificates, prestigious trophies and recognition from industry leaders along with tens of thousands of daily visitors to the CSSDA site.

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Over the years our hard work brought us the satisfaction of reaching many goals. We are a Top Rated Upwork Agency, a Scrum Certified Agency, and we proudly hold nominations and awards on Awwwards.com and CSS Design Awards and more.

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